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Palisades Pack™ from Ruff Wear
Leader of the Dog Packs.

What makes a multi-day adventure in your favorite wilderness area even better? Having your best pal at your side, of course. When you and your dog set out, make sure he’s as prepared as you are. The Palisades Pack is built for hard use in rugged conditions and will carry such canine essentials as food, water, bowls, treats, first-aid supplies, and toys.
Use for multi-day backpacking trips and when extra carrying capacity is needed. On-board water bladders make it excellent for dry conditions.
Three key features set this pack apart from
   other dog packs: (1) removable saddlebags,
   (2) load compression, and (3) hydration
Space-efficient saddlebags with lightweight,
   streamlined, go-fast shape

Weight-forward saddlebag design for ideal load
   carrying position

Trail-savvy details like waterproof zippers, high
   visibility reflective trim, external gear loops, and
   aluminum V-ring leash attachment

Web Master Harness frame ensures good stability
   and weight dispersion with a five-point
   fit and full range of motion
* Designed to rack up the miles with highly durable

Balanced assistance handle helps lift dog up and
   over obstacles

  How to measure the right size for the dog pack
Palisades Pack
Measurement around widest part of rib cage. In between sizes: Choose the smaller pack for a lighter load and less bulk. Please do not use saddlebag capacity as your only sizing consideration; use the girth fit for
best results.

Dogs Girth

S 53 – 76 cm 10 L
M 66 – 91 cm 13 L
L 81 – 122 cm 18 L
 Instructions Palisades pack dog pack, removable saddleback system.
Four side-release buckles make it easy to attach and detach the pack’s saddlebags. The pack’s four-point X-mount connection stretches the pack over the harness.
 1. Unclip two front and two back
2. Detach and lift saddlebags 3. Result: Seperate harness and saddlebags
Hydration system
The Palisades Pack is equipped with two water bladders, one carried on each side of the pack.The bladders dispensewater to keep your dog well hydrated on the trail. In additionto carrying water, thebladders cushion the load, aid in cooling the dog, and can be used to trim and balance the load from side to side.
           Load compression system
 1. Side pockets hide
    and protect the
    pack’s load
 2. Open the pocket to
     access the
     compression straps
 3. Once the pack is
     loaded and ready
     to go, grasp the
     strap tabs and pull.
     The straps will
     secure the load,
     allowing for a
     more comfortable,
     compact carry.
 1. Fill both
 2. Insert into left
     and right
3. Result: dispence
    water on the trail
To release the
    pull the colored
    lanyard to loosen
    the straps.

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