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Een gezonde hond is een aktieve hond!
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Swamp Cooler™

On a warm sunny day, hot dogs will trot for the shade, lie down, and pant the heat away. They need an air-conditioner—a Swamp Cooler—to stay cool, happy and active. Don’t get beat by the heat. Outfit your dog in a Swamp Cooler and let the cooling begin.
Beat the heat, staying cool while active: hiking and biking in the desert, summer walking, playing on the beach, boating on open water under full sun, and backyard play in the sun. Stay cool while also waiting for your turn during outdoor agility trials, dog shows and other events.
Uses evaporative cooling to keep dogs cool in the heat
Exchanges the dog’s heat with the coolness of the
stored water
Releases the heat as the water evaporates
Three-Layer construction maximizes cooling effects:

   Top air-mesh layer generates evaporation, releasing
Middle layer absorbs and stores the cooling
Bottom layer cools the dog
Light color reflects sunlight and ultraviolet rays for
   added sun protection
Auto-lock buckles adjust and hold for a custom fit
Wandelen met de hond kan ook op een wearme zomerdag! Swamp Cooler het koel vest van Ruff Wear houdt uw hond koel tijdens de wandeling. Zie instructies voor gebruik van het hondenkoelvest. How to measure the right size for the Swamp Cooler?
Measurement around widest part of rib cage. In between sizes: Choose the larger coat for more coverage.

Dog Girth

XXS 30 - 48 cm

43 – 61 cm


58 – 76 cm


69 – 81 cm


79 – 102 cm


89 – 122 cm


Evaporative Cooling
The natural process of evaporation dissipates
the stored heat, chilling
the Swamp Cooler.


Solar Protection
The Swamp Cooler’s light
fabric reflectssunlight, heat,
and ultraviolet rays.

Heat Transfer
The Swamp Cooler cools the
dog and absorbs the dog’s

               How to activate the swamp cooler for evaporative cooling
Instructies voor het hondenkoelvest, de Swampcooler van Ruff Wear. Doordrenk de Swamp Cooler volledig met water, wring het overtollige water uit en trek het vest over de kop van de hond en klik het vast!
1. Soak coat completely with cold
2. Wring out excess. 3. Slide dog's head through the neck hole
    and fasten the buckles at the rib cage.
Ga erop uit, maak een wandeling met de hond zelfs op een warme zomerdag! Swamp Cooler het koel vest voor de hond houdt uw hond koel!
        4. Get on the Go!                                                                        5. Recharge the coat with steps 1 through 4.

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