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Dog Boots with non skid sole
Bark'n Boots™ Skyliner green

Get out the door
Ever wonder what dogs are thinking on walks? “This is the best walk ever. This is the best grass ever. This is the best smell ever. This is the best dirt ever. This is the best…” Put on Skyliner boots, step outside your door, and experience canine enthusiasm. “This is the best day ever!”
Use to protect paws. Use as an everyday dog boot and indulge in the casual, carefree life of a dog. Stay active and relieve stress with a dog walk that you’ll both enjoy. Use the boots with older dogs to provide traction and improve mobility. Dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia benefit from wearing dog boots with a non skid sole!
Proven fit: built like human shoes for consistent fit, sizing,
   and shape
* Non skid sole
Stretch gaiter is easy to grab and adjust, keeps out dirt,
   and protects leg
Sure cinch closure strap keeps boots on paws
Durable rip-stop polyester and faux-suede upper for
   everlasting good looks
* Machine washable because dogs get dirty
Click image above for viewing Boots in carchoal color! Measuring paw width for  
Bark'n Boots™Skyliner™

* Have your dog stand on a firm
   surface (wood, linoleum, or

* Place a piece of blank paper
   under a front paw.

* Lift the dog’s other front paw so
   that its weight is placed firmly
   on the paw being measured.

* Mark the paper at the paw’s
   widest point on the left and right
   edges of the paw (see graphic).

* Use a ruler to measure the width
   of the paw (in inches) from the
   left  mark to the right mark.

* Use the chart to determine the
   proper size. For example: if the
   width is measured between
   2.25" and 2.5", the dog would
   wear a small boot; between
   2.75" and 3.0", a large.

   In-between sizes:
Choose the larger
   boot for comfort and performance.!
Bark’n Boots are built to secure around the ankle but below the carpal pad. The boot should have room in the paw area, allowing the paw to spread when bearing weight. Boots will be snug in the paw to prevent twisting but should have enough room for the paw to spread out during activity. Be patient during the first fitting of dog boots. Give the dog plenty of time to get used to wearing boots. If the boots fit, immediately begin and activity—like a dog walk—to take his mind off the boots. Soon he’ll associate the boots with fun.  

Paw Width

XXXS 3,8 cm
XXS 5,1 cm

5,7 cm


6,4 cm


7,0 cm


7,6 cm

XL 8,3 cm
Non Skid Sole, also use the boots with older dogs to provide traction and improve mobility. Dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia benefit from wearing dog boots with a non skid sole!  

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