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Doubleback™ harness

Intended Use:

Climbing, mountaineering, canyoneering, belaying or helping dogs up and down
steep and rocky terrain. An adjustable strength-rated dog harness designed for lifting and lowering in exposed areas.


Harness is strength-rated to 2,000 lbf or 8.9 kN
Four strength-rated, anodized aluminum lace-
    back buckles for safety and
Strength rated webbing throughout
Strength rated, adjustable martingale for a
    customized fit

Strength-rated tie in point for easy rope

Padded belly support, adjustable frame and leg
    loops for steady weight
Leg loops can be tucked away for increased
    mobility during approach


Performance Fit:
Contoured, athletic cut
Proper Harness Fitting

1. Feed the end of the webbing strap through the front lace-back buckle, pulling tight so the bottom panel is snug against the dog’s belly. Take the end of the webbing and lace it back through the buckle. If your webbing is not laced back over the buckle, it is incorrect an not safe or secure.
2. Repeat process for the rear buckle and strap, making sure to lace back the webbing. Ensure the belly panel is centered under the dog’s belly by sliding the panel to the right or left as needed.
3. Adjust the martingale straps to fine-tune the placement of the martingale plate and belly panel. The martingale plate should be centered over the dog’s sternum. The belly panel should begin directly behind the dog’s front legs so that the rear girth strap fits across the back of the rib cage.
4. One at a time, wrap the back leg loop behind the dog’s back leg and bring the webbing up and around the inside of the leg to meet the lace-back buckle on the hip panel. Feed the webbing through the buckle and then lace the webbing back through the

IMPORTANT: Please see Safety Booklet that accompanies product for more detailed information.



    How to measure the right size for the
Web Master
Measurement around widest part of rib cage.
In between sizes:
Choose the smaller harness for an active, performance fit.
Instruction video

Dog Girth


43 – 61 cm


61 – 74 cm


74 – 86 cm


86 – 107 cm


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