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Roamer™ Leash large
from Ruff Wear
Let those doggies roam.
Even with strict leash laws, your dog can have some roaming space. Our Roamer Leash large has an elastic core that extends, allowing you to maintain control while your partner enjoys a generous range of movement. Let your pup ramble and investigate without dragging you from your path.
Elastic core expands 3 to 4.5 additional feet
   (0.9 to 1.4 meters)
Adjustable handle can go in a hand, cinch
   around any waist, or unsnap at the side
   release buckle and attach to a hitching post

Quick-grab traffic handle offers control at a
   moment’s notice

Made with sturdy 1-inch (25 millimeter) or
    0.75-inch (19 millimeter) tubular nylon

ength when resting: 2m
length when fully extended: 3.4 m

width of tubular webbing: 25 mm
maximum size of waist worn handle: 102 cm

Combine the Roamer Leash with
Hoopie Collar!


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